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            What Drives Us


            Our mission is to develop and implement programs thatlink surplus with needs, promote naturally abundant renewable resources, and create inspirational ecological sites.

            We envision humanity harmonizing with Earth.

            Mother Nature is a catalyst and always in balance
            Did you know?

            You shampoo because HAIRcollects oil. Help us recycle hair, fur, and fleece clippings which we felt into oil spill mats.

            LINKING surplus with needs also diverts useful items and materials from the waste stream, plus creates jobs in logistics & repairs.

            Adding COMPOST to grazed rangelands replenishes soil and boosts photosynthesis, pulling more carbon out of the air.


            matter of trust eco-home for the holidays!
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            Our working model factory, showcase eco-home, and edible urban garden, all promote convenient, climate-friendly choices for the general public. We provide green career initiatives in recycling, reuse, and renewables. In order tosupport practical opportunities for implementation, we invite sectors to consolidate information on environmental challenges and successes.Together with our many partners, weorchestrate small and large-scale projects through our immersive physical spaces and online platform.


            Check out this extensive and growing library full of inspirational eco-news stories on innovations. Also, we open-source our in-house research, educational tools and lesson plans. Focusing on green inventions and pollution reduction, we incorporate perspectives and incentives from everywhere possible. Global to local, multi-sector, up and down the ladder, mailroom to boardroom, youth to senior… enjoy discovering how caring and adaptable humanity is!

            Global Community

            Daily, we see so many people working together towards a harmonious future. We created The Hum Sum – Humanity Adding Solutions for nonprofits, businesses, governments, schools, households, and curious individuals…Everyone is welcome to join this environmental network and post questions, answers, events, commitments, free stuff, wishes and more! TheHumSum.net

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